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Sungai Ruan - Drinking Chocolate
Sungai Ruan - Drinking Chocolate
Sungai Ruan - Drinking Chocolate

Sungai Ruan - Drinking Chocolate

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Drinking chocolate granules made using ethically sourced cacao beans from Sungai Ruan farm estate in Pahang, Malaysia.


Simply add 110ml of steaming hot milk or water to 40g of chocolate granules and there you have it, a perfectly balanced and delicious cup of drinking chocolate which features the unique tasting notes of each origin. 


As good as it is simple, this is our take on "Adult Milo" that's actually good for you being 100% natural, vegan and gluten free. 



Cacao powder and unrefined cane sugar

Tasting Notes

Blackcurrants, Raisins and Almonds


Revitalizing the Asian cacao industry

Cacao production in Asia has been falling over the past 20 years, because hardworking farmers just aren’t paid enough to grow cacao.


Benns Ethioca works directly with farmers, cutting out the middleman, so our farmers earn up to 3x market rate.


With this business model, multi-generational Asian cacao farms are thriving, expanding, and investing in better methods of production— adding sustainable practices to a proud tradition of cacao cultivation.


Our transparent and mutually supportive partnerships mean a finer quality of life for cacao farmers, a reinvigorated Asian cacao industry, and tastier artisan chocolate for all of us.


Product Details

100% Natural
Gluten Free
Halal Certified

Bean Type: Trinitario
Weight: 200g

*slight variations in each product may occur because all our chocolate is made by hand

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