Small but full of big surprises: Cacao Nibs!

From one chocolate lover to another, here is one chocolatey superfood you might be interested in!

Cacao nibs are the rawest form of chocolate and are basically made up of the fermented, roasted, and crushed inner fruit of the cacao beans. As the least processed chocolate product, it retains one of the highest levels of antioxidants from the cacao bean. They are crunchy, chocolatey and with no sugar at all. Here are 3 simple ways to enjoy cacao nibs...

A Top-notch Topping

Nibs are a great topping for ice creams, smoothie bowls, yogurts and puddings! They have a good crunchy texture and can balance out many sweet desserts. Simply sprinkle a handful of nibs over that smoothie or acai bowl as a healthy topping. 

Chocolate Nibs for Chocolate Chips

Nibs are a much healthier and less sweet substitute for chocolate chips! Have a brownie or chocolate muffin recipe that requires chocolate chips? Why not try it with nibs instead (or a mixture of both) and enjoy your treats guilt free!

Nibble Nibs for a snack!

Nibs can be eaten straight out of the bag, bit by bit or in spoonfuls - it’s up to you! They are superfoods that make a super-snack, especially if you feel like nibbling on something that isn’t too sweet or unhealthy.




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