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Meet Our Farmers

We source directly from an estate (a collection of farms within a small area) which  allows us to have a direct beneficial impact to farmers.

Estates we source from

Sungai Ruan, Malaysia

Cacao beans are sourced directly from the Koh family farm. With more than 30 years of experience, the Koh family dedicates their time to growing, fermenting and drying cacao beans. Chocolate made from their estate is known to have a unique fruity taste due to the many fruit plantations surrounding it. 

Anaimalai, India

Cacao beans are sourced directly from Mr Harish Manoj Kumar’s 12-year old cacao plantation located in the foothills of the Anaimalai Hills (aka Elephant Mountains), a range of moutains in Southern India. They were one of the 18 winners of the Cocoa of Excellence Programme’s International Cocoa Award in 2017.

Calinan, Philippines

Cacao beans are sourced directly from the northwest Calinan district of Davao City, Philippines. Known as the cacao capital, Davao produces 80% of the nation’s cacao. The wet cacao beans are fermented and sun-dried in small batches by farmers Michael and Doris Tan. Such production ensures quality and develops great flavor notes.

Vung Tau, Vietnam

Cacao beans are sourced directly from farmer Mr Tran Van Thanh in Vung Tau, a port city in the Ba Ria province in Southern Vietnam. With 15 years of experience, Mr Tran dedicates his time to refining the growing, fermenting and drying methods to deliver the best cacao beans, demonstrating excellent farming practices as per UTZ standards.

Lampang, Thailand

This chocolate bar’s cacao beans were sourced from Mr Pathom Meekaew’s multi-generational farm in Nakhon Lampang which is known for it’s fertile soil, high moisture and stable temperatures. The cacao is grown alongside durian and mangosteen fruit resulting in a sweet, fruity and luxuriously smooth harvest of Trinitario varietal.

Our Trade Policy

#1 No Middle Men

At Benns, we directly source our cacao beans from local farmers, cutting out any middle men.

#2 Higher Wages for Farmers

This allows us to pay 2-3x higher than the market price (about $2.00-3.00 USD per kg)

#3 Better Quality Chocolate

In addition to improving their livelihoods, we incentivise and work closely with farmers to improve production techniques for better quality beans.










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